T-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants... if you can wear it, we can print it. Expert Screen Printing, Free Delivery, and Guaranteed Quality.
T-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants... if you can wear it, we can print it. Expert Screen Printing, Free Delivery, and Guaranteed Quality.
Let us help you support your promotional needs: from trophies, to signs, to coffee mugs, we'll give your message the impact it deserves.
####Spring is in the air… Do you know each one of your t-shirts will be seen by more than 2,000 different eyeballs? There’s no better way to get out a message or get visibility for your company. Need more students? It’s time to dust off your plans for “Class of 2017” t-shirts. Need more fans and team spirit? Get your spring uniforms setup. Need more business? Refresh those employee t-shirts. Going to a conference? Handing out t-shirts at a booth gets serious mileage for your company! ---------- ######*The Spring Special - March 26 to May 1*, CONTRACTOR’S SPECIAL: mention this special at your time of order (before accepting a quote). We’re offering grey color, 2 location single color printed (e.g. chest and back) 100% cotton long sleeve tees. $8 each for 50 shirts, or $6.75 each in quantities of 100. Ask us about other colors or quantities. ![Class of 15 Sweat](https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1671095/OpptyWebContent/IMG_7380.png) ----------
The La Casa De Cristo team sporting some OpportuniTees-made shirts at Universal Studios.

Opportunitees is the home for your messaging and promotional products. We are an expert team of designers, inkers, and embroiderers. Together, we can help turn your design into high quality printed products that get a message across.  

The OpportuniTees Difference

Locally owned, personal service

Custom, expert review of your artwork

Free Local Delivery (metro Phoenix)

In-house, expert graphic artist support when you need it*

24 years in business, serving the Phoenix metropolitan area

*Graphic artist support services may incur an additional hourly fee.

OpportuniTees T-shirt Icon

Your message, done right, period.

What does it take to print a t-shirt or embroider a hat you ask? It might not seem like a lot, but the truth is, a lot of shops outsource your work or send it through a production factory so big that ensuring quality might be out of the hands of the vendor you're ordering from. Here at OpportuniTees, we do all the work here in our locally owned shop in Phoenix, Arizona. This means we have our hands on your project from start to finish, along every step of the way. We start with our eyes-on review of your artwork, which means we'll tell you if your artwork is high enough in resolution and designed to make a good print, unlike other shops that might just print whatever you give them. This means we see your artwork when it is output to film or digitized for embroidery, and review it again to make sure it matches your request and the level of quality we expect for a product. This means our inkers hand lay the ink on our presses, and double check your clothing for quality with each color that goes down, while our embroiderers do the same with embroidered goods. Then our dedicated quality assurance staff do a final quality check before any product goes in the box.

Most importantly though, is that throughout this process, you have a point of contact with OpportuniTees who will keep you informed and contact you with any issues. If there's a problem with artwork, we have artwork experts that can work with you to make changes. If the colors don't make sense, we'll call you and make suggestions. If there's a supply issue, we'll call and give you options, and not just put you in a backorder queue. We understand your event is important.

That's OpportuniTees custom apparel, embroidery, and printing, based in downtown Phoenix, Arizona, and that's what matters. Locally owned, high quality, great price, great product, and a relationship you can depend on.

The OpportuniTees factory

The OpportuniTees Factory

OpportuniTees custom printed t-shirts on Neighborhood Kid's Club kids and volunteer team

Team shirts make your event come alive!

The OpportuniTees gallery of our project work

Check out our gallery, we can print almost anything!

OpportuniTees is an expert screen printing and embroidery firm located in Phoenix, Arizona. We are also an inner-city employment ministry, putting the local members of our community to work as craftsmen and craftswomen to deliver beautiful products to our customers.
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